• The Math Department, Foundation Program Unit, and Student Success Center organized a seminar entitled: “Understanding and Facilitating the Learning Needs of Students with a Range of Abilities”, led by Mr. Baruch Spiegel, CEO and Founder of G.E.N.I, Autism Specialist, Educational Consultant, and bestselling author. The seminar provided faculty with basic knowledge about students with special... read more

    Dec 07, 2015
  • GUST students joined Dr. Mauricio Duarte and Dr. Angela Gonzalez Echeverry from the Humanities & Social Sciences Department on a trip to the photographic exhibition “From Qurtuba to Córdoba,” held by Casa Árabe and the Americani Cultural Museum.  The exhibition displays a variety of ‎ornamental details –testimony of past splendour- which is often taken ‎for granted by Cordoba’s dwellers... read more

    Dec 05, 2015
  • UPGRADE Yourself!

    GUST and Khaleejesque (a GCC-wide magazine) have been working together to produce a 4 week series of workshops starting from January 17th to February 10th  for you, our students and young professionals in the field of public relations and marketing.  This series of workshops, dubbed “UPGRADE”, is intended to become a regular and... read more

    Dec 01, 2015