Ideas Generation Workshop

Feb 06, 2016

As part of its continuous endeavor to foster entrepreneurship among students and graduates, GUST collaborated with The Global Center at the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University to launch Startup Kuwait’s Ideas Generation Workshop. This workshop, hosted by our University’s College of Business Administration, will prepare students for the Startup Competition, a national event, during which university students pitch ideas for new startup companies. Teams are then formed around their startup company ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation to win coveted prizes.

Students enrolled in ‘Practicum in Business’ this semester were able to hone their entrepreneurial skills at the Ideas Generation Workshop. The well-attended workshop was led by Mr. Nish Acharya, CEO of Citizence and Equal Innovation.

Mr. Acharya works with universities, governments, foundations, and companies to assist them with innovation, entrepreneurship, and globalization strategies. He was even appointed by President Obama as the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and senior advisor to the Secretary of Commerce, where he led the President’s efforts to nurture economic growth through development, and commercialization.

During the workshop, students were exposed to innovative business ideas from around the globe. They also learned about the Lean Startup Methodology, which allows entrepreneurs to come up with their own ideas, solicit feedback from peers, and refine the ideas to improve their chances of success.

Students will continue to develop their ideas during the semester after which top teams from GUST will compete against peers from other universities. Startup Kuwait is open to all current students of GUST. Interested students may contact Mr. Muhammad Ilyas at for more details.


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