GUST Students Return from Life-changing Journey to Sri Lanka

Aug 23, 2015

Eight students from GUST joined OXadventure for a two-week charity trip to Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Throughout their stay in Sri Lanka, the students helped the locals build a community center through hands-on labor.

During their trip, students got the chance to visit centers for the elderly, orphanages, and pre-schools, while also experiencing the gift of giving, and broadening their perspective on the world. Students volunteered for this trip as part of the summer internship program accredited towards their Mass Communications Degree.

Fahad Al-Sumait, Head of the Mass Communication and Media Department (MCM) said, “It is inspiring to see our students getting involved in such a heartfelt activity. It is a rare opportunity for them to witness life from a more humble perspective.”

Established by Kuwaiti youth in 2013, OXadventure is a local organization which focuses on globalizing the younger generation and educating them on the global and local issues that need attention and support. “Our vision is to influence the youth of Kuwait to begin making positive changes in the world and their country, by shaping their attitudes to be stand up citizens. By traveling abroad and out of their comfort zones, the result will be a team of potential future leaders for Kuwait,” said Saud Al-Juwaiyan, Founder of OXadventure.

Khaled Al-Rashidi, GUST student, said, “A trip like this comes once in a lifetime. To give back to communities that are in so much need of our help is an enriching and unforgettable experience.”

This is the second volunteer trip that GUST students have participated in.  Last year, a previous group of GUST students travelled to India and spent time helping to improve the living facilities of local communities. A third trip to Nepal is being planned for next summer.