GUST Sponsors Summer Scholarships to UMSL and GW for the 11th Time

Mar 29, 2016

GUST awarded today a group of its students with summer scholarships abroad for the 11th time since 2006. Six GUST students will be attending summer classes at the University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL) and four at George Washington University (GW) in the USA, bringing the total to 10 students. The aim of the program is to enrich students’ academic experience and personal development through international study.


A combination of factors are taken into consideration when choosing the candidates: the completion of at least 60 credit hours, a CGPA of 3.0 and above, a written personal statement, and a recent TOEFL score. After carefully assessing all the material and conducting one-on-one interviews with each candidate, the GUST Summer Scholarship Committee recommended 11 students to be awarded summer scholarships for the 2015/2016 academic year, recognizing their high academic achievements and personal merits.


GUST Vice President for Academic Services, Dr. Sabah Al-Quaddoomi, said, “This highly competitive scholarship is intended to recognize and reward outstanding academic accomplishments by our students. We are so proud of our 2016 scholarship recipients. Without a doubt, these students will be worthy ambassadors of GUST during their summer studies in the United States.” 


After their nominations, Dr. Raghad Al-Kazemi, Dean of Student Affairs, and Mrs. Maria Fedorova, International Program Coordinator, met with the students to discuss different aspects of the scholarship procedures and details to prepare them for their trip.


The students who will be attending UMSL are: Razan Sifan, Mariam Alghanim, Mohammad Charrwi, Mustapha Bin Khadra, Raghd Al-Zagezoug, and Zahraa Al Ali.


Finance major and scholarship recipient to UMSL, Mustapha Bin Khadra, said, “I hope to share my personal academic skills that I’ve learned here with UMSL students. I want to leave a good impression of a successful GUST student who represented the university well.” 


The students who will be attending GW are: Alia Attia, Nazeema Derbas, Sahar Ghobar, and Danah Alsabt.


Finance major and scholarship recipient to GW, Nazeema Derbas, said, “For GUST to give us an opportunity to have the experience of studying abroad is a chance that I wouldn’t miss. I am looking forward to having this experience and discovering how it feels like to study abroad, even if it is only for a short period of time.”


GUST summer scholarships are open to all eligible students from its College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business Administration. The scholarships cover tuition for up to 6 academic credit hours, a round trip ticket to the United States, accommodation, and a support allowance.