MCM Students Analyze Marketing Techniques with Florida State University Students

Oct 27, 2016

As part of Dr. Mariam Al Kazemi’s Fundamentals of Advertising class, Mass Communication and Media (MCM) students cooperated on a project with students from Florida State University (FSU), which aimed at introducing students from both ends with the different marketing methods, techniques, and the various roles societies play in choosing which marketing tools to use.

Students focused on understanding the different aspects of media from both countries by curating local ads from different sectors of the market for each class to analyze. They started with exchanging communication messages, including advertisements from the educational sector, and then went on to examine advertisements that targeted and included families as part of the storytelling. After that, student compared and contrasted the differences in various media channels. During the project, the two classes even go to know each other on a personal basis and shared information about their countries, universities, societies, cultures, and backgrounds.

Dr. Mariam Al Kazemi expressed her satisfaction with the class’s outcomes and said, “As an instructor, I’ve been observing students asking one another pertinent questions about the environments in which they live.  It is especially touching to see when students understand that we are all people at the end of the day, and I hope more people around the world realize this.”

The Fundamentals of Advertising class students have been gathering on a weekly basis at the W1-010 hall and communicating with Dr. Summer Harlow’s International and Intercultural Communication class from FSU through Skype.