Dr. Mai Al-Naqib Shares Musings on Privacy vs Publicity

Nov 30, 2016

GUST’s English Department Faculty Events & Activities Committee, invited Dr. Mai Al-Naqib, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Kuwait University, to discuss ‘Anonymity in the Age of Disclosure: Musings on Privacy and Publicity.” The goal of the lecture was to provide students an opportunity to enjoy a different learning experience outside of the contents of their academic subjects.

The lecture discussed whether privacy matters in a world where existence or self-worth seems to rely on online visibility.  By sharing musings and theories from various educators, authors, and society leaders worldwide, Dr. Al-Naqib sheds light on if anonymity retains any value in the digital realm, where the algorithmic tracking of our every purchase and preference occurs as a matter of course. Dr. Al-Naqib showcases examples and stories on how society’s normative understandings of “private” and “public” have changed with the shift to online, and discussed the possible long-term effects of this shift.

The GUST English Department continuously highlights the department’s belief in a multi-disciplinary approach to GUST students’ education through events, lectures, and seminars with professionals from different backgrounds and specialties to discuss issues relevant to the students’ day to day life.

Dr. Mai Al-Naqib’s areas of specialization include postcolonial studies (with a special focus on the Middle East and Kuwait), Deleuze studies, and modernism. Her research and publications address a wide range of issues linked to cultural politics in the Middle East—from Arab feminisms to the ethical question of Palestinians in Kuwait. Her book, The Hidden Light of Objects, won the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award in 2014, the first short story collection to do so. She is currently writing her first novel.