Computer Science Students Exhibit Final Projects

Dec 19, 2016
W6 Hall

GUST's Computer Science students exhibited their end of year projects in the W6 Hall yesterday.  The range of materialized ideas was truly extensive, and included videogames, literature aids, social networks, online shopping apps, job search apps, as well as other platforms and ideas that solve real world problems. The exhibition proves that Computer Science is a truly fluid discipline that helps identify and solve contemporary problems by tapping into the student's creativity and ingenuity.  

Speaking at the exhibition, VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Salah Al Sharhan said, "I can easily say that many of these projects can be commercialised, as they are designed with a high level of professionalism.  GUST will look into sponsoring some of these projects, and nominate some of them to participate in the Startup Kuwait Competition organised by Kuwait University."