GUST Celebrates UN Arabic Language Day

Dec 19, 2016

GUST’s Humanities & Social Sciences Department organized a seminar on campus to celebrate the UN Arabic Language Day. The lecture hosted several notable speakers including the Head of the Arabic Language Program at Arab Open U, Dr. Mohammad Al Tayan, GUST Assistant Professor, Dr. Salah Eddine Arkadan, GUST Associate Professor, Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi, and Assistant Professor Dr. Ayman Bakr. The seminar discussed the origin and influence of the Arabic Language and was attended by many members of the university’s faculty and students.

The speakers honored the Arabic language by shedding light on its rich history and influence on our modern world. Dr. Mohammad Al Tayan also explained the adaptability of the Arabic language and its versatility in translation.

GUST Assistant Professor, Dr. Salah Elddine Arkadan said, “GUST recognizes the importance of the Arabic Language, and has dedicated several Arabic courses that provide students with the opportunity to hone and elevate their skills. This is evident among our graduates as many have become published authors and poets.”

GUST celebrates the UN Arabic Language annually through language workshops and exhibitions that showcase the work and lives of prominent figures in Kuwait and Arabic literature, with students actively involved in preparation and participation.

For photos of the event, visit the gallery!