“Coffee Craze” INJAZ Talk held at University

Apr 03, 2017

Kuwait, April 3, 2017: INJAZ-Kuwait conducted another installment of its annual speaker series, INJAZ Talks, held in partnership with the Mass Communication and Media Department at the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) on April 3, 2017. The topic of the discussion was “Coffee Craze; Business. Branding. Baristas.” and focused on the young entrepreneurs leading the market in Kuwait’s recent boom in coffee shops. The featured speakers were Jumana Al Othman, owner of Jumo Coffee, and Meshari Al Oud, owner of CAF. The session was moderated by Bader Al Essa, Co-Founder of Richter Creative Office.

The INJAZ Talks program is a platform for business leaders to connect with university students and share their success stories. Each talk focuses on a different topic, whereby INJAZ-Kuwait invites leaders from different industries to engage with the students in a two hour panel discussion.

Commenting on this session, Rana Al-Nibari, CEO of INJAZ-Kuwait said, “Today, we are seeing a new generation of entrepreneurs taking on niche markets. We believe it is important to support their businesses, and provide a forum for them to share their real-world insights and inspire university students to believe that they are capable of anything”.

“It is rewarding for our students to participate in the Injaz Talks every year,” said Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, Head of the Mass Communication and Media Department. “The events give students an opportunity to hear from local leaders in a range of industries, as well as ask questions and even find inspiration.”