GUST Organizes Open Day for High School Students

Apr 06, 2017

Kuwait City, April 6th 2017: The Recruitment and Outreach Department, in collaboration with the Student Association, organized an open day for high school students. Seven high schools from around Kuwait arrived on campus and were received by our Recruitment Officers and volunteer students.

After attending a presentation about the university, students were treated with giveaways and a tour around campus. The tour started at the A. M. Al Refai Library and included the bookstore, Art & Music Dept., Radio & TV Studios, gym, swimming pool, and amphitheater.

Students were then able to meet and converse with various university department personnel at the center including Recruitment and Outreach, Athletics, Student Success Center, Admissions and Registration, and the Foundation Unit Dept. Before they left, students were presented with free coupons to enjoy a treat at the available vendors around the fountain area.