SSC Coordinator Receives Academic Advising Certification

Sep 28, 2015

Anwar al Haji, Junior Retention Coordinator at the GUST Student Success Center (SSC), received an Academic Advisor Certification from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) after her participation in the Academic Advising Summer Institute 2015 Program, from July 26 to August 1, held in Colorado Springs, Denver, USA.

The program focused on training academic advisors to pursue their role effectively as it is the only structured service on campus in which all students have the opportunity to develop an on-going, one-to-one relationship with a concerned member of the college community.  It also included several talks from institute faculty members, one of which was Blane Harding, who discussed the dynamics involved with advising diverse students. The program also included small group session, where Al-Haji was able to build relationships with many international advisors, gain knowledge from their experiences, see a different perspective on how culture effects academic advisement, and how to deal with particular situations in the field.

Al-Haji, said, “I was able to attend workshops and present to a large number of academic advisors from all over the world. It is always inspiring to meet international advisors, gain from their experience, and be able to bring back best practices to implement here at GUST.”

Recognizing that effective academic advising is at the core of student success, NACADA aspires to be the premier global association for the development and dissemination of innovative theory, research, and practice of academic advising in higher education.

The SSC at GUST always ensure the best training for its staff in order for them to better serve its students.